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Safe Haven First Mom in an Open Adoption
New Blog, New Location, Same Name!
I Should Really Be Working
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  • Checking in and Updates!
  • by Last comment: 23 May 2013 01:04 PM
  • 38 now, but who's counting? ;) I AM!!!!! HAHA...

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  • Checking in and Updates!
  • by Last comment: 15 May 2013 04:10 PM
  • Thanks for the well wishes everyone! The job thing was
    somewhat of a blessing because my job...

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  • Checking in and Updates!
  • by Last comment: 15 May 2013 08:32 AM
  • Howdy all! I know I'm friends with some of you of FB, but
    many of you I'm not...so since I hear...

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  • Thanksgivingmom
  • by Last comment: 15 May 2013 08:24 AM
  • Hey all, someone let me know that this thread had been
    started, so I thought ID swing by and sa...
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BrockBabySome bling to celebrate THE ring!!!
mommytoElihappy birthday cupcake!
crickfor continuing to put it out there
kakuehlon with the show!
crickHope your day doesn't TOTALLY suck...
kakuehlfor lovers of GS cookies
JaneytwoHey there! Saw your post on "what you wish people knew". I think you're definately intelligent. But you forgot the other two; that would be kind and compassionate. You're those too my friend! :-)
crickto go with the bikini 5k race...
mommytoElithanks for playing! :)
WithayHappy Holidays. Enjoy videos of the family.
mommytoElithanks for the help!
crickhard day & a hard month....hang in there!
lahdh4to keep your energy up during vacation!!
lahdh4for the food and laughs coming up
kakuehlA cupcake to celebrate
JaneytwoFrom Janeytwo - my apologies if I upset or hurt you.
crickdon't sweat it...not worth it...
OceansFor 14 Miles from all of the Couch to 5K crowd!!!
SuzBergThanks for making me laugh and making running (or excuses for not running) FUN!
OceansFor being a good friend... Thanks
zxczxcasdasdhaha ahi
kelceesmomLuck follows everyone!
kakuehlsome junk food for the weekend
lahdh4Hugs to you and A, thinking of you
lahdh4to celebrate a great day. Love ya
browneyes0707For luck today, Love ya SIS!!!
Mommy24Everyone needs balloons on their Birthday!!!!
Mommy24Happy Birthday Sista!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!
lahdh4To braving a wicked good New England weekend
bajjHuge hugs
Tigger27I *heart* my gals!
InBlindFaiththanks for being a GREAT sister!!
kakuehljust because
Mommy24For having such a good heart! Hang in!!
InBlindFaithFor the best little Sista ever!!!
bajjJust because you're you.
lahdh4for the wait
Mommy24Happy Mother's Day!
InBlindFaithI hope today will be a wonderful day!! (((HUGS)))
browneyes0707Happy first b moms day! I'll drink to that!
Tigger27Thought you'd like a chocolate milkshake, they're always great no matter the day or the mood =) love ya!
InBlindFaithyou are just so sweet!! - Roni
dragonfly1234superheroes are everywhere..and you are one
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sunshine00 hello...I am a new member .Want to be friends !Do you think winter will be cold feet, so you need to have a pair of warm shoes, so you have a warm wintercheap ugg boots 11-24-2010
07:43 PM
kelceesmom Hey haven't been on here in forever. Hope all is well with you?! Denice 07-28-2010
04:06 PM
bprice215 I've been a Colts fan since the mid 60's, where did you find that insignia. I'd like one. bprice215 03-21-2008
01:24 AM
lahdh4 You are too funny 05-30-2007
08:01 PM
Tigger27 Howdy! Happy Mother's Day! (((HUGS))) 05-13-2007
01:14 AM
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