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Be the change...
First Name: Jayne
Last Name: Wallace
Sex: f
Location: Arizona
Last Online: Yesterday at 09:18 PM
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Current Placements:
NONE! And I am planning on keeping it that way for the next year or two while I focus on being a family with just Miracle Boy, Super Boy and Me
Former placements:
#14 little Miss I am so bored (14) week respite placement.
#13 Fire Dragon (8) She is BACK. RU'd with Mom back in care 8 weeks later. Now placed with another family as pre-adoptive.

#12 Starbuck girl (15)-one day emergency placement
#11 Super Boy, now my son adopted 5/10/13
#10 Teen Angel--placed in detention after violating probation until 18. Returned for two months before turning 18 and is now on her own. Bio mom of Super Boy.
#9 Cinderella (18) Flew the coop June 25 after turning 18.
#8 Teen Mom's son (now 1 and with Mom )
#7 Teen Mom 17 (now 18 and on her own, doing well)
#6 Chola- 17, after 3 mos. sent to behavioral placement
#5 Heartbreaker- left when she turned 18
#2,3,4 Christmas Kids 11, 8 and 6 RU'd with Mom
#1 B-day Twin, 12--sent to behavioral placement
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    about older children in foster care, o...

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  • Why is so hard to decide?
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  • I am going to disagree with others. Yes once adoption
    occurs they are yours legally but biolog...

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  • Closing an OA??
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  • I agree with your decision 100%. Because you close it now
    does not mean you can not allow some...

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  • Anyone NOT have an adoption party?
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  • Inshape you always make me laugh about doing it all over
    again when you are probably 15 years y...
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