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Birth mom in reunion
First Name: Kathleen
Last Name: Kuehl
Sex: F
Age: 63
Location: Pennsylvania
Last Online: 05-06-2015 at 03:04 PM
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Birth mom to D (10/4/72)
Mom to J(7/6/76) and S (7/26/78)
Nana to: D's S, I, Z, A; J's R,B,J1, J2, M, M2, C, N ; S's AJ and E

"Weeping may linger for the night,
but joy comes with the morning." (Psalm 30:5)

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DPlineA happy, bias free, complaint free cookie!
JaneytwoTo my dear friend. You are an umbrella when it rains! :-) so glad to know you! :-)
JaneytwoIf sometimes I have to swim upstream, I'm glad you're swimming along with me my dearest friend! Hugs to you today! :-)
JaneytwoAnd happy Easter to you too Buddy! :-) Thanks for the dinero too! And I love the pic of the kids!!! :-)
JaneytwoYou are the best friend I've had in years!! I am so thank God put you in my life!
WithayHappy Holidays. Enjoy videos of the family.
JaneytwoMy cup runneth over just from knowing you Kathy. You are wise my friend!
SuzBergThanks for visiting Em's site! Hugs
JaneytwoMay God hold you in the Hallow of His hand
thanksgivingmomGloss Over the Competition! TG &B '08
JaneytwoLike an apple a day - you keep the blues away!
JaneytwoJust in case of rain. As my ancestors say, may it fall soft upon your fields
zxczxcasdasdfor hanging in there
fauxginaBest of luck in the future!
bajjYou're in my prayers!!
lahdh4something small to help make you smile
bajjKeep showing His love!
BrockBabyMerry Christmas 2007 - Thanks for all your support
WithayYour favorite book - Merry Christmas
bajjMerry Christmas!
crickalways a good soul trying to uplift others on slippery "paths"
bajjThank you!
SuzBergSince you were still up at 5:30 AM(!), I thought you might need this. Hugs -
BrockBabySorry to hear about your accident! Ice cream helps everything!!!
crickjust in case the pizza is late...sorry you had a bad day!
browneyes0707Happy b-day to you and D!!!
kakuehlFrom Gemini678 - Thanks for being a friend.
Tigger27I *heart* my gals!
cnb1099Welcome to the world little Nathan! Love all your savvy aunties!!
Mommy24Happy Mother's Day!
cnb1099Happy Mothers Day!
cnb1099Happy Easter!
specialk4byou made the 5000th post - you need a rose too!
specialk4bHappy Valentine's Day!
cnb1099To help me celebrate Js birthday
SnifflesThere! Now hush, your officially a member.
Sniffles157Merry Christmas!
Leigh131313Look, it's a TV!!! I'm so flippin generous!! Merry Freakin Christmas!! from your mod pal,
Tigger27Merry Christmas =)!!!
Sniffles157Congrats on hitting 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!
b&k898Have a Very Savvy Christmas!
b&k898sending you a little Christmas cheer!
healingfeelingwe hit 3000!!! celebrate with a pumpkin spice latte!
Sniffles157a toast fo whit's name change
Tigger27Oh and here's a treat for ya too =)!!! You're awesome!!!
Tigger27Just wanted to share some tissues with you, thanks =).
Sniffles157We hit 2000!
Sniffles157Happy B-Day from cnb
healingfeelingHappy Bday Kathy and D!!!! xo, the girls!!
Sniffles157just because
healingfeelingsit down, have some coffee, stay and chat with us on the savvy thread! xo, the girls
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cnb1099 I have missed you my old friend. Hope all is well! <3 B 08-15-2012
01:49 PM
AndrewArkin I'm doing ok. I stopped posting here mainly because it didn't get anything done. Now I've posted on a few search sites, but I've put aside my search for now because I need to work on school. Thanks for checking up on me though! How are you 11-27-2007
01:01 PM
Jane42560 Nobodys here? this is like MySpace? darn...wanted to talk to somebody, needed some help 02-13-2007
06:32 PM
Jane42560 Where am I?? I'm trying to find my birth parents, I need help...PLEASE!!!!! 02-13-2007
06:29 PM
crick have I mentioned lately how wise you are?? Thanks for being you!! 12-30-2006
05:19 PM
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My Adoption Connection: Birth Parent
My Adoption Interests: Adoption Education | Closed Adoption | Crisis Pregnancy | Domestic Adoption | Open Records | Reunited | Search & Reunion

kakuehl's Interests
Hobbies: reading, quilting, cooking
Occupation: Lutheran Pastor
Reason For Joining Community: Seeking birth son
kakuehl's Details
Here For:
contact with others affected by adoption
Zodiac Sign:
Libra - September 24 - October 23

kakuehl's Blurbs             
About Me:
I'm a "people" person who tries to share God's unconditional love wherever I am.
Who I'd Like to Meet:
Those of you I've gotten to know on the forums.

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kakuehl's Favorites
Animal or Pet:
Heidi, my miniature schnauzer who didn't know she was a dog
Madeline L'Engle
Dream Job:
A congregation that focuses its energy on God's mission
Family Activity:
vacationing together in the Poconos
yellow roses
Type of Music:

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