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  • I confess I no longer work here.:) I confess I'm okay
    with this. I confess I've been burnt...

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  • Posting anonymously for a member.... So here's my
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  • Please be aware that while you can ask for help on how to
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  • who am i.....
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  • If you were legally adopted and had your name legally
    changed at that time, then those are stil...
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DPlineA bias free, complaint free, everyone play nice, Happy Birthday cookie!
kakuehlNo eggs in the gifts, use the straw
kakuehlon with the show!
kakuehlhave a donut!
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sstuartI just saw on your fb. I love cheese as well!!
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mommytoElifor posting so darn much
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SAHmomFor all your hard work to make this site possible!
WithayHappy Holidays. Enjoy videos of the family.
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kakuehleat this ice cream and your BMI will magically go down!
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SuzBergThanks for being my cyberfriend! luv ya
cnb1099For the answers that got the best laugh!
LylacJust cuz!
LylacDouble dipped in chocolate!! Hugz
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BrandyHagzYou're bananas!
cnb1099Cup of Joe coming right up!!!!
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LylacBecause it's Friday!
SuzBergHappy Birthday Cyberfriend!
Mommy24Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Crick, Happy Birthday to you!!
LylacI heard old folks enjoyed watching fish..Happy Birthday crinkles..I mean crick!!
lucyjoyHere's a bribe so you won't crash chat again
zebramomAs close as I could get to tequila. Happy Birthday!!
Mommy24Sorry we have no chocolate here at A.com, so thought junk food would do as payment for your time!! LOL
SnifflesHere is your copyright payment!
SnifflesBecause you put up with me for the past few days
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ajjhmfTo keep you up while you recover from Texas!
cnb1099An apple for the teacher! Thanks for the crash course and for making it so easy!!
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SAHmomSave some of that snow ice cream for me-without the yellow in it!!!!
ajjhmfTo catch the acrobatic stunt team in action!
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Leigh131313Look, it's a TV!!! I'm so flippin generous!! Merry Freakin Christmas!! from your mod pal,
Mommy24Merry Christmas!
ajjhmfThank you for being a gret friend!
SuzBergHere's some money for your plane tickets to TEXAS!!!!!
Sniffles157Because you been there when I needed you. Thanks!
BrandyHagzYou need all the luck you can get =)
Leigh131313for your "work" at home *wink wink*
LylacJust Because Hugs
b&k898Thanks for being my sounding board! HHmmmm ice cream....
SuzBergI thought you could probably use another cup!
IndyJust in case you burn anything in chat tonight!
ajjhmfYou should get paid for the time you spend listening ot my whines.... lol
ajjhmfCause that HAD to hurt. *SNAP*
zebramomNext time get it on video so we can all laugh with you!!!
SAHmomTo one 'cool' stick to another!!!!
Original MikeAwarding you the "Booby Prize"
ajjhmfTo help survive 4 kids home with strep!
ajjhmfIce cream always makes me feel better.
Original MikeTo comfort you in your loss
LylacIn Honor of Cosmo - {Hugz}
BrandyHagzYou're bananas...
LylacIce Cream always makes me feel better, hope it does you too {HUGZ}
ajjhmfIt's the closest thing to a melon they have....
Leigh131313A dummy for a dummy!! Suck on THAT slushie!! lololol
Leigh131313Here are your meds. Please take the required dossage. Any more outbursts and we'll try the electro-shock.
b&k898Here's a box of chocolates - just for you!
Tigger27Here's a chocolate milkshake for ya - hope to catch up with ya sometime soon =)
MicheleBThe gift that keeps on giving! When the lollipop is gone, you still have a stick left to play with. =) LOL
SuzBergHere's some coffee (now quit being mean)!
ajjhmfHope you feel better soon!
ajjhmfYou know we love you, but still... all 4 kids in school all day already.
Leigh131313Here's your morning coffee....no more excuses!!
BrandyHagzI was going to give you a quarter, but they only had a dollar, can I get .75 back?
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crickLou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)
(Message: For all those with ALS & PLS)
crick's Personal Guest Book
AideenL Hi Crick, I am conducting research for my PhD regarding false members and was wondering if you or any other of the moderators would be interested in participating. I don't want to post the details publically. Email me at a.lawlor@ucc.ie 06-07-2014
10:23 AM
crick Sorry...I no longer work here and can't help you. All I can suggest is that you click on the "contact us" button on the homepage 02-03-2014
07:35 AM
I want to delete or unregister from this site. Can you please tell me how to do this? 01-15-2014
09:35 AM
Honoria Hello, I recently joined the foster parenting forum. I have not been allowed to post a message yet and have not received an email for authentication. Is this part of the site's problems that you are trying to fix? I am enjoying the forum and learning 12-15-2013
07:05 PM
9kidsandcounting I'm a bit confused about this post "prior banned members" who is banned? is this a troll? 07-02-2013
09:21 AM
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