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First Name: Jen
Last Name: Joy
Sex: F
Location: Alabama
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Jensboys -
Mom of 4 Boys
AS - 18 born 1995 adopted 1999
AS - 17 born 1996 adopted 1999
BS - 16
BS - 12

And Mom of 3 Girls

AD - 5 born 2008 adopted 2009
AD - 4 born 2009 adopted 2009
AD - born 2013 adopted 2013

I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise.
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  • I think there has been a lot of good advice given. Our STBAS
    was kind of a disruption, they cho...

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  • And how exactly do you intend to forbid it? My kids bio
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  • our girls were adopted from foster care - and we live in the
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  • Contacted birth mother w/o us knowing
  • by Last comment: 11 Apr 2014 07:31 PM
  • This is the reality of the modern age. And you have to
    simply accept that your daughter and her...
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mommytoElithanks for sharing the washer story :)
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